Healthy Holiday Flying ✈️

Holiday season is here! That means fun celebrations with friends and family, amazing meals, and potentially hellish travel. While the airports may be insane, your digestive system doesn't need to be!

Have you ever noticed that you feel bloated and backed up for days after flying? It definitely puts a damper on enjoying your holiday.

I have a few easy tips that will help you feel light and refreshed after flying. Instead of getting a one-way ticket to the loo, follow these steps to feel your best.


Our bodies get dried out from the stale air on planes so it's vital to hydrate before and during a flight. The best choices are regular H2O or coconut water. Stay away from anything with sugar or caffeine.

If you'll turn into a zombie without a morning coffee, it's OK to stick to your routine, but don't overdue it. Have the morning coffee but skip having one at the airport.

Carbonated beverages are extremely bloating, so things like soda and seltzer can stay on the shelves. I've noticed that some airports are selling fresh green juices, another amazing and hydrating option.

It's important to always read the ingredients on your beverages and check for hidden sugars, chemicals, and dyes. They are often the culprits for making you feel lethargic and that feeling is amplified when flying.


The very best things to eat before or while flying are fruits and veggies. While this may sound like a snooze fest, fruits and vegetables help keep you hydrated, are easy to digest and therefore can easily exit your system. Your body will thank you.

If a giant fruit or veggie salad doesn't cut it for you, select other easily digestible foods. 

Heavy animal protein like red meat, poultry, eggs, all dairy, and fish/shellfish are the most difficult for our bodies to digest, and best left for after you've landed. 

If you need something substantial in your system before or even during a flight, root veggies or grains are the next best option. For example, a quinoa bowl or brown rice with veggies and sweet potatoes are a good way to go. Thankfully airports are offering lots of healthy options in addition to all the junk.

If you find yourself in full holiday indulgent mode and not making the best choices at the airport, use my tried and true junk food tip: chose ONE thing not ALL the things. 


If you've made the mistake of eating a heavy meal before your flight, make sure to take a digestive enzyme to help move things along and to help prevent bloating. 

The enzymes help break down anything that your body finds difficult to digest and even aids in nutrient absorption.

My favorite enzymes are made by the brand AST and currently available on Amazon Prime. Treat yo-self!

As always, please reach out with any questions and let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Wishing everyone an awesome holiday weekend!