Core On The Floor - Abstastic 9 Min Workout

Every day people tell me how they are SO busy. Whether it’s work stuff, family responsibilities, or making time to socialize, we all have our hands (and schedules) full.

Sometimes our hands are also full of excuses! Exercise is usually the first thing to get the boot when the "I'm too busy" feeling takes over. You know I give that a thumbs down!

But don't worry cuz I have your back! I’m stoked to report that even a short routine each day can be super beneficial. I’m all about maximum gain with a minimum effort and time commitment.

A quick core routine is an awesome way to start your day or fit into a lunch break. No excuses necessary, since it only takes 9 minutes.

Doing an ab routine is like one stop shopping, because your core muscles stabilize your entire, beautiful bod! They help to give you a center of gravity and ground you, whether you are running to make your flight or chilling on the beach.

A strong core helps with balance and comes in handy when the standing room only subway comes to a screeching halt, or when carrying way too many Trader Joe’s bags, or even when simply getting out of bed in the AM.

If you suffer from back pain, core exercises can be your bff. As someone who had spinal fusion back surgery, a strong core not only helped my posture dramatically improve, but also alleviated pain.

Extra credit: tight and toned abs are super sexy, so are feeling strong and standing up straight!

And like any great routine, your mind benefits just as much as your body. This core routine will put you in good spirits, help the stress meter go down, and increase focus.

Let’s get tone-y, tone-y, toned!

Use a mat if you have one handy, otherwise the grass, a rug, or even the floor will work well.

Elbow To Knee

Start on all fours. Put your left arm out in front of you, and extend your right leg out behind you. Hold for a few seconds, then bring the elbow to knee. Repeat 15 times.

Next switch to right arm and left leg. Bonus points if your hair has somehow morphed into a rats tail.

Mountain Climbers

Get into a plank position. Bring your right knee in to meet your right elbow, then back on the ground.

Repeat with the left knee to left elbow. Continue to rotate for a total of 30 mountain climbers. Feel the burn! 

Karate Kid

Stand up tall with your feet firmly planted on the ground and arms out at your side. Lift the right leg up with a bent knee. Squeeze your abs and tush.

Really tap into your core and feel it supporting you as you balance. Count slowly to 15. Repeat with the left leg. Channel your inner Daniel San.

Jane Fonda


Stand tall with your left leg out to the side and right arm up in the air. Bend elbow to knee for a count of 15. Switch legs for another count of 15. Work it baby!

Do this entire circuit 3 times, preferably with your favorite mix, since everything is better with good jams. Abs and dancehall are a perfect fit, so I listen to this.

If you know someone who needs a little help fitting movement into the day, I would be honored if you shared this! 

As always, if you have any questions, want to dive deeper, and think you could benefit from jumping on the phone or Skype, holler at me here!