No Scrubs: The Benefits Of Dry Brushing

While I always prefer to keep things light and fun on the blog (as can be seen from the ridiculous gif above), this has been a rough week. I hope everyone is encouraged to take action, however that looks and feels for you.

This is an extremely challenging time for all of us. People are feeling fearful, depressed, outraged, and confused. I know that we all heal and participate in change using different methods.

Whether you volunteer in your community, donate to organizations, have conversations with people different than you, pray and meditate for peace, or contribute in some other way, it’s clear that the world needs healing on many levels.

I’m not here to advise you on how to bring about change, but hope that this is something close to your heart.

As a wellness coach, it’s my job to support you in taking great care of your physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

The absolute best place to start is radical self-care. In order to help others and bring about any sort of change, you have to first take care of YOURSELF.

If you’re burnt out, your hard work and positive contributions probably won’t be your best.

As the flight attendants always say, “put on your oxygen mask first, before assisting others.”

Today, we’re going to temporarily lighten the heavy vibes and teach you how to dry brush, which is a great detoxifying tool and will leave your skin feeling super soft and luxe.

Dry brushing is accomplished by gently brushing the skin with a soft brush, which provides lots of amazing benefits for your skin and overall health.

Your skin is your largest organ and dry brushing is one of the best and easiest ways to exfoliate.

It helps gets rid of nasty dead skin cells and leaves you feeling smooth and silky. This is especially nice during the warm months, when we’re all showing a lot more skin!

Dry brushing improves circulation, gives you an energy boost, and most importantly, stimulates the lymphatic system, which removes toxins from your body.

I’m sure we could all benefit from a little detoxifying support right now. I’m looking at you summertime margaritas and kettle chips!

Many sources say that dry brushing also helps get rid of cellulite. The verdict is still out on that one, so holler at me in the comments if you experiment.

You’ll want to always keep the brush dry, hence dry brushing.

A wet brush = bad news. Think of it like a Mogwai getting wet and turning into a Gremlin.

Here’s the easiest way to get started:

Always brush towards your heart, with gentle strokes. We’re not scrubbing, just lightly brushing.

Start at your feet. I like to use a circular motion. Make small circles with the brush and move up your legs.

Next move on to your stomach. Again, use soft, circular strokes.

Guys and gals, you can dry brush your chest but be VERY gentle.

Skip the private area. Ouch. Nope.

Next work on your hands and arms. Then move to the back of your body.

Brush down your back and then work on your tush. Continue with a downward circular motion and brush the backs of your thighs and legs.

You might notice some flakiness come off your body, which is the dead skin and impurities leaving your system. High five to getting out the gunk!

Dry brushing in the bathroom, right before jumping in the shower, is a fast way to make sure you incorporate it into your day.

As you can see from my brush below, it’s been used for years and seen better days.

Here's what my brush used to look like, and I highly recommend this brand for under $10! 

When I use my trusty dry brush regularly, my skin is super soft, I have more energy, and it helps my digestion. 

As always, holler at me here if you have any questions!

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Do you already dry brush? Or want to try it? If so, LMK about your experiences in the comments.  

Get ready to have the softest skin of your life!

Watercolor frames by Victoria D’Esposito.