When I Dip You Dip We Dip 💪🏾

We spend most of our waking time working! As a result, it can sometimes feel challenging to make fitness a priority, especially on long and exhausting days.

Working out and treating your body well should never take a back seat. I love finding ways to fit movement into my day, even when it feels next to impossible.

Introducing my awesome, office-friendly ten minute routine! 💪🏾

This routine is perfect for the conference room, at your desk, in your hotel room, or at your dining table. All you need is a table or desk to support you.

I’m rocking a dress to show you that it can be done in any outfit. I removed my shoes and recommend you do the same, unless you wear sneakers to work.

Grab a buddy, hit the conference room, or go solo at your desk. Let’s get moving and grooving.

Start by warming up with jumping jacks. Step about a foot away from the table or desk and lay your hands down flat. Move your legs back and forth as if you’re doing regular jumping jacks for a count of 30.

Next, move on to lunges. Face the table and place your fingertips on the table. Start with the right leg and step back into a low lunge. Your knee should be aligned with the opposite ankle.

If you have bad knees, only go down half way or wherever it feels comfortable. Keep your back neutral and pull in those abs.

Do 15 on the right leg then switch and do 15 on the left leg.

At this point you should start to really feel it! Keep your eye on the prize and know that lunch is around the corner!

Let’s run it out for a count of 30. Remember to tighten those abs.

Next we’re gonna dip. Put one hand flat on the table, extend your legs out to the side, and slightly dip back and forth.

Count to 30 and then switch to the other side. We’re in the home stretch!

You probably remember a variation of this one from the Core On The Floor routine. We’re going to switch it up this time and do elbow to opposite knee.

Do 30 reps and switch to the other elbow and knee.

THAT’S IT! You did it! You’re a super star!!

Put on some extra deodorant and maybe a little coconut lotion and eat some lunch!

If you’re finding it hard to fit exercise into your day, try this during lunch M/W/F and you’ll be surprised at the results.

As always, holler at me in the comments or email with any questions. Please share with a friend who would benefit.

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