My Favorite Natural Remedy

As we start to move into cold and flu season, it's important to be be prepared for sniffles and sour stomachs. Since there are so many over-the-counter and natural remedies, it can be hard to know what works best. As always, I have your back!

While I'm a fan of many different natural solutions, there's just ONE that outshines the rest: apple cider vinegar, otherwise known as ACV.

Apple cider vinegar is unlike any other vinegar since it has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Bonus points: it also promotes weight loss since it reduces sugar cravings and lowers inflammation!

ACV is fast acting and the first thing I turn to when I have allergy issues, sinus congestion, or sniffles. Within minutes, I can feel it breaking up the inflammation and mucous in my face!

Boxed or prescription allergy meds make me feel either anxious or zombie-like, while ACV is calming and without the cray side effects. If you suffer from allergies, check out more tips and tricks here.

ACV is also a superstar at relieving heartburn, acid reflux, and sour stomachs. Make a mental note as Thanksgiving is just around the corner ;)

In addition to helping break down internal inflammation, ACV is amazing for topical flare ups too. I ditched my old facial toner and now apply it after washing my face. 

When using ACV, don't fear the brown residue floating around. Referred to as "the mother", the strands are a combo of apple residue and pectin and actually really good for you. 🍎

Here are the easiest ways to implement ACV and get the maximum health benefits:


Fill a tall glass with water. Add 1-2 TBSP of organic apple cider vinegar. My FAVORITE brand is Bragg's. They are the OG of ACV. 

If the drink is too intense for your palate at first, squeeze 1/2 lemon into the mixture and add a tiny splash of raw honey or maple syrup.

I make this drink this every morning in the fall and winter. When having flare ups, I'll bump it to three times a day.

If you're on the go, I highly recommend buying Bragg's ACV bottled drinks. They can be found at most health food stores, groceries, and even some bodegas. I'm in love with the concord grape version, which I refer to as The Notorious ACV. 🎤


Mix 1/2 cup ACV with 1 cup water. Store in a glass container and shake before using. It's great as a toner after washing your face, for removing impurities after a work out, or for acne or eczema break outs. Dip a cotton ball or tissue into the mixture and apply gently.

If you're addicted to Amazon Prime and aren't a fan of in-person shopping, you can grab a bottle of my beloved Bragg's ACV here

Holler at me with any questions. I love reading your comments and success stories!


Watercolors by Victoria D'Esposito