Healthy Noshin' - Part 2

A while back on the blog, we talked about what to do when that 3PM snack attack hits. I loved hearing about your favorites, so let's keep the party going with another round of healthy, easy-to-grab nibbles.

Since most packaged food is filled with chemicals and unhealthy ingredients, it can be hard to know what's actually healthy. Everything on this list can be found at most grocery stores, any health food store, and of course Amazon. 

Let's get snackin'!


This is my new FAVORITE treat! If you love jerky and crave both sweet and savory, this one is for you. Cocoburg is made from just coconut meat and spices! It tastes nothing like coconut and actually tastes like delish beef jerky.

You're gonna have to trust me on this one, and you'll be glad you did. Coconut is a healthy fat, which means it will fill you up and help you focus.


I especially love the brand Artisana, since they have mini to-go packets. These are great for storing at your desk at work or even in your kitchen cabinets.

Step it up a notch in the nutrient department and dip cut up veggies into the nut butter of your choice. Feel free to be lazy and buy pre-cut celery and baby carrots. 

Like coconut, almond/cashew/peanut/hazelnut butter will leave you feeling full and satisfied. 


It's safe to say that I eat olives every day, as can be seen in the photo way up top. There are tons of varieties, easy to store, and a rad snack if you're someone who prefers salty treats.

For those of you concerned about the caloric content in olives (or even coconut or nut butters), don't fret! ALL CALORIES ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL. Your body will not process a mini 100 calorie chocolate chip cookie snack pack in the same way that it processes 100 calories of olives. Think about that for a minute!

A good trick to remember is to ALWAYS eat real food. If you're eating anything from a package, can, or container, make sure to read the ingredients. If you don't recognize something, you probably shouldn't eat it since your body won't recognize it either!


I have a variety of frozen berries in my freezer at all times. Most office freezers are under utilized, so these are an easy treat to have at work for when the hunger hits.

I'm a huge fan of both sweet and crunchy, so the frozen option really does it for me. Too cold for your palate? Do you - defrost those babies.


If you're working through a chip addiction and having a hard time letting go, Siete and Pipcorn are good stepping stones. While these aren't nutritious snacks, they are a much better choice than other fried options.

If you dig things like chips, popcorn, or any crunchy, salty packaged treats, it's important to know that it's not the potatoes or corn that are the issue. The big offender with almost all chips is that they're fried in some sort of seed oil (sunflower, safflower, canola, etc) at a very high heat.

The oil, especially at a high temperature, is absolutely awful for your system. Our bodies don't know how to properly process it. This can lead to weigh gain, digestive issues, and much more.

Siete chips use avocado oil and Pipcorn uses olive oil, both better oil options. Again, these aren't recommended as everyday snacks, but certainly a healthier choice when you're craving a chip.

As always, thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this post and learned something new. Please share with your homies since the snackosphere is always more fun with friends!

Holler at me with any questions. I love reading your comments and success stories!

Watercolors by Victoria D'Esposito