Healthy Noshin' For That Afternoon Slump

I used to have a daily snack struggle. I bet you can relate.

Around 3PM on most work days, I'd crave chips, couldn't function without an iced coffee, and repeatedly scanned the cabinets and fridge hoping that a delicious snack would miraculously appear!

Perhaps your cravings and taste palate are different, but when that afternoon slump hits, we all want something to nosh on and we want it NOW.

Hangry is not a good look on you, boo.

Sure, if you have extra time on your hands and feel like making amazing homemade nibbles, please be my guest, and save some for me!

But if you’re juggling lots of things throughout the day, a healthy pre-made snack is the way to go.

I took it to the streets, or really the grocery store and a couple bodegas, to show you the most nutritious and delicious options.

Stock these in your office, the studio, and in the fridge and cabinets at home.

Let’s get into the snackosphere!


If you crave chips, salty stuff, and all things that crunch, I have you covered.

Ditch the packaged fried food, which will unfortunately deplete your system, dehydrate your body, and promote weight gain. Instead, check out these delish treats that are actually good for you:

Mary's Crackers

Made from whole grains and seeds, these crunchy crackers get the job done. Unlike most crackers, they don’t contain inflammatory producing ingredients like gluten and dairy. Instead of feeling foggy, these will actually make you feel happily full.

Seaweed Snacks

There are many brands out there, so please get in the habit of reading the labels. I recommend Sea Snax since they use only organic seaweed, olive oil, and spices.

Salty plus crunchy is an automatic win. As an added bonus, seaweed is a great natural source of iodine, high in nutrients, and low in calories.

Kale Chips

Yes, they are actually delicious!

But kale on the package does not mean it's healthy. Often "kale" snacks have a bunch of added sugar and chemicals :(

Kale is still a superstar, especially in this healthy chip form, as it’s packed with vitamins and fiber.  Check out my free guide, which explains the major benefits of eating leafy greens, like kale.

Most kale chips are seasoned with nutritional yeast, which makes them taste like fancy Doritos. As you can see, I was especially excited about the “Vampire Killer” variety from Brad’s. I’m allergic to cashews, so someone please try these and report back!


If your snack attack is asking for less savory and more sweet, read on!

Packaged sugary snacks will give you temporary energy, but we all know that the sugar high doesn’t last long and the crash leaves you feeling as if you need to be peeled off the floor (or your desk).

Here are some sweet treats that won’t knock you out:

Emy’s Organic Coconut Cookies

I’m looking at you, cookie monsters! If you love treats, these are a rad option. The healthy fat and protein in coconut and almond flour will send messages to the brain that you are full, and the agave sweetener is less harsh than refined sugar.

Also, they come in CHOCOLATE.


Before you roll your eyes at me, tell me the last time you craved sugar and instead opted for fruit. I thought so!

Fruit is nature’s sweetener!

Grab a package of raspberries or some pre-cut mango and see how your taste buds respond. A super ripe banana is one of the sweetest things to eat, and won’t leave you feeling bloated or unable to button your jeans.


Grab a bag of baby carrots or the Mary's Crackers and dive in!


Hummus is extremely filling and a great choice if you are someone who feels like a second lunch is in order.

Skip the chips and instead grab some cut up veggies. My faves are crunchy red peppers and celery, which both compliment hummus really well.

You know what I'm going to the labels! This is an important part of knowing what's going into your body. Always opt for hummus (or any food) with ingredients that you recognize and are found in nature. 

Here's an example of good quality ingredients: organic garbanzo beans, water, organic tahini (sesame seeds), organic extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, organic lemon juice, organic spices, citric acid, organic garlic powder.


Sorry, no photo. The guac didn't make it on camera cuz I ATE IT ALL!

One of my absolute favorite snacks, guacamole is loaded with healthy fat, which helps you think clearly and focus. 

I encourage you to be a weirdo like me and eat it with a spoon, right out of the container. Yum.

As always, thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this post and learned something new. Please share with your homies since the snackosphere is always more fun with friends!

If you have any questions or want to jump on the phone, holler at me here!